When Horse Creek Farms was started, we never thought of selling meat. We were busy growing fruits and vegetables. Our Customers at our fruit stand kept asking us, “Why don’t you sell meat?” The idea was born, but we did not know what was required, at the time. We did our research on licenses, processing, and packaging. (Thank you everyone who guided us through this!) All along the way, our Customers were saying to us, “we know you are eating your own meat, can’t you just raise a few extra for us?” So we did!!!

We have always had Cattle and Sheep at our farm. Chickens, Turkeys and Hogs were added as you requested them. Meat with flavor has been our goal from the very beginning.

Our Customers know where their meat comes from. It is raised right here at our farm. We are dedicated to raising the best meat we can. Our Cattle and Sheep are grown on our grass fields and spend their life on our farm pastures. We do feed some grain and hay to add to their diet. Our cattle are both Angus and Hereford with our herd bull being Hereford. His name is “Clash” and he was raised by a 4-Her name Taylor DeJong. She is 4th generation Hereford breeder. Many of you have seen our cattle grazing, as you travel Peoria Road.

Taylor DeJong
Thank you Taylor DeJong for raising “Clash” one of our herd sires here at Horse Creek Farms.
Picture: Aart, Jerry, Taylor