Thompson Mill Truck served as our stand for years.


The Original set up, small table with an umbrella.

Our History

We started out with a table, an umbrella and a self-serve system. Thanks for your support and honestly it worked!

We expanded to an old Chevy Truck from Thompson's Mills, of Shedd, (yes, it did make deliveries for the Mill). It was a crazy looking system with trays and flaps that folded in and out. We know some of our neighbors wondered if maybe it could fly.

Now we have the cutes old 1930's garage with recycled school doors as front doors. The interior boards are from a torn-down old house. It has six colors of paint on the outside. It truly is one of a kind. Everyone loves the old-time feel and garage sale stained glass adds to the fun!

Our Story

Our grandparents started our family tradition of farming in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where rich soil, sunshine, and climate make for exceptional sweetness.